Today’s tip is about buying on the internet without any cards, at least not physical. Who explains more about the subject and the Virtual Access card is the Access team itself, check out:

Nowadays you find everything over the internet. You can market, buy clothes, listen to music, watch movies, and even study a new language or course. These news are changing the habits of Brazilians so much that, according to PwC, most already consume more monthly online stores than physical stores.

The same survey revealed that for 41.6% of consumers convenience is the main reason for shopping online.

How do you get into this change without needing a traditional credit card and risking fraudulent slips or suspicious deposits? Easy! Use a virtual card, is the choice of technology and security lovers.

Let’s know a little more about this type of card? ?

Which is?

Which is?

Virtual cards work just like a credit card. The big difference is that they are not emitted from plastic, meaning they do not physically exist. Which makes perfect sense, after all, why would you need a wallet plastic for your online shopping? Yes, its use is exclusively for internet transactions.

They also have a sequence of numbers that will be used when filling in the card details during purchase, the CVV (3 digit number on the back of the card) and all management is done by online platforms (website or application). .

What are the advantages?

What are the advantages?

He is fast and safe! Because it’s not plastic, you don’t have to wait to get home, much less worry about possible Post Office strikes. Everything will be on the website or application, 100% digital.

There are several types of virtual card and all are fully secure. If you want a simpler option, choose non-disposable ones. Some banks claim that “disposable” virtual cards, that is, those that change numbers with each transaction, are safer. But having a new number with each purchase, and not solve the problem with fraud 100%, make online shopping more complex. Not to mention that this type is not accepted for recurring payment services such as streaming subscriptions, cable TV, long term online courses and others.

It has a card called Virtual Access and besides not being “disposable”, it is prepaid and rechargeable. Who says you need a bank account to shop online?

Where to use Virtual Access?

Where to use Virtual Access?

The digital world is all yours in just a few clicks! And once again, you don’t have to open your wallet. Just login to your account, all very practical and modern.

With Virtual Access, in addition to e-commerce, you can use the virtual card in paid apps on the Apple Store or Google Play, steam games, ebooks, recurring or non-recurring payment services like Cabify, Netflix, Uber (including Eats), Spotify and even an EAD degree.

If you choose Virtual Access, you can still use it for mobile and transportation ticket recharges! It is prepaid, perfect for not losing control or opportunities. After all, when we least expect it, there’s Black Friday!

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